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Happy Holiday's From IFA!

It is an exciting time in Arizona for film and television production. There was a HUGE increase in production in our state in all types of digital media. Southern Arizona welcomed the new HBO MAX series "Duster" created by LaToya Morgan and JJ Abrams staring 'Lost' alumni Josh Holloway. The production employed a large number of local cast and crew members. We also welcomed a large feature film "The Wall" from Belgian filmmaker Philippe Van Leeuw and a very local feature film "The Majestic". On the small screen Arizona also hosted just about every cable channel and numerous reality shows. Arizona is bursting with film and television work and does not seem to be letting up.

It is also time for new board member elections. Due to the ongoing Covid Pandemic we will perform the vote electronically via email ballots. If you are a current member of IFA in good standing be on the look out for an email in regards to voting as well as running for a board position. You must meet certain criteria to vote and run for office.

The new IFA board took this year to rebuild and is preparing to launch exciting new programs and benefits to its members. We will be celebrating our last meeting of the year on Thursday December 21st at 6pm AZ Time.

Find out what projects are upcoming and more about the new productions that have chosen Arizona as a filming destination. Find out about IFA's new programs to highlight films created by members at a new IFA showcase premiering February 2022 as well as new committees that you will have the chance to join as a paying IFA member. Also meet those members running for the Independent Film Arizona board of directors for 2022.

We are looking forward to talking to you about the exciting new projects, events, and in person networking opportunities IFA has coming your way 2022! Be sure to check your inbox for the meeting Zoom link, We hope to see you there!

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