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Please join SoundGirls for an online conversation “Documentary Sound Mixing in a War Zone” with Xenia Vinogradova, a Kyiv-based Sound Mixer, who will share her experience about what it’s like being part of a documentary film crew in Ukraine right now, and what she’s doing to help first responders on the ground.

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Safe&Sound Ukraine

A fundraising project aiming to purchase encrypted digital walkie-talkies and satellite phones for Ukrainian war medics, volunteers, and evacuation coordinators.

This is a unique case when the power of the sound community can help save lives. Since its launch, Safe & Sound Ukraine has partnered with more than 20 sound- and filmmaking-related manufacturers, businesses, and communities all around the world (such as LA Sound Mixers, AMPS, CAS, Gotham Sound, K-Tek, Lectrosonics, and many more), and has already supplied 14 locations across Ukraine with life-saving, secure means of communication.


Xenia Vinogradova is a production sound mixer/sound editor, living and working in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2015, she graduated from Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema, and Television with a Master’s Diploma in the specialty “Sound Engineering in Film”.

Since launching her career in the film industry, Xenia has been taking on various roles in creating sound for moving pictures: recording audio on location and working as a studio recording engineer; editing sound at the post-production studios, working as a music editor and sound designer. Her works include “Cenzorka”by Peter Kerekes, “Mountain Breeze” by Julia Kochetova, “Au Revel” by Sieva Diamantakos. Currently, Xenia continues to live in Ukraine, working as a production sound mixer in the war zone with various film and media productions.


Iryna Kucherenko is a Ukrainian-born Angeleno working as a production sound mixer and audio supervisor for television and documentary productions. She has been working in audio since 2009, after graduating from the Vancouver Film School Sound Design for Visual Media Program.

Her work experience provides another perspective on working with subjects affected by war. Iryna’s entry into reality television started with “Surprise Homecoming”, a show that helped US veterans stage surprise returns from deployment for their families. Among Iryna’s notable documentary credits is “Dalya’s Other Country” by Julia Meltzer, which follows the life of a teen Syrian refugee whose family fled to Los Angeles, California.

Iryna is also a part of the Safe&Sound Ukraine initiative that is working to provide essential communication devices to Ukraine.

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