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Code of Conduct

All Members of Independent Film Arizona MUST read, understand and agree to these Code of Conduct Rules in order to become a Member of IFA.

Membership Rules


BE PROFESSIONAL in communication, behavior, and work protocols.

HONOR agreements regarding time, fees,​ &​ scope of work.

RESPOND promptly to inquiries or work issues.

HONESTY i​n​ dealing with people​,​ issue​, ​​words, & actions. 

REPRESENT yourself & skill level honestly.​

A CULTURE OF PROFESSIONALISM by committing to raising the level of professionalism on each set that you are on.

REPAIR HARMONY​ by​ ​seeking to repair​ &​ mend work relationships ​&​ heal interactions that have gone awry.

SAFE WORK ENVIROMENT strive for safe working conditions for everyone.

​PROVIDE GUIDANCE​ ​& opportunity when possible to those seeking experience.

AVOID GOSSIP, LIBEL OR SLANDER refrain from spreading misinformation, unsubstantiated or harmful words.

SAFE WORK ATMOSPHERE​ &​ conditions for everyone​ by not tolerating sexual or any form of harassment, bullying, misconduct or any behavior that undermines people to feel safe.​ Including ​racism or discrimination based on gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, religious, or political beliefs.

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