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Become a Member

At IFA we provide 4 Networking and Informational Meetings a Year and these Meetings are FREE to Attend. 


As a member you have access to experts that will help you build success in the Film, Television, and Digital Media Industry. We do this by providing Classes, Workshops, Specialty Speakers, Special Events, Invitation Only Screenings, and Meetings throughout the Year. In addition your Membership Includes Member Discounts from Film Industry Vendors and Businesses. If you are an Arizona Resident you also have the right to vote for and join the IFA Board of Directors.


IFA also welcomes people to join from all around the world. The Film, Television, and Digital Media Industry is a vast and ever changing industry populated by people from around the globe. One thing with this enormous industry that remains a constant is collaboration and connection. At IFA we strive to be inclusive and accessible to anyone who would like to gain value as a member. All of our meetings are within the digital, virtual world so regardless of where you are from you can benefit from a paid membership to IFA and we welcome your insight and value in your area of expertise.

We have made membership to IFA easily affordable. Join today and get access to all that IFA has to offer for only $25 a year.

IFA Membership Includes:

  • Access to all 4 quarterly networking meetings.

  • Access to Classes, Workshops, Specialty Speakers, Special Invitation Only Events and/or Meetings.

  • Discounts from Vendors and Businesses

  • $25/Year

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