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Zoom Chat

Zoom Chat from September 2021 Membership Meeting

00:12:50    Valerie:    I'm on an old computer and how do I see myself?
00:13:52    Mia Schnaible:    Click on the STOP VIDEO in the lower left corner.
00:14:52    Independent Film Arizona:    Any questions about Membership:
00:37:05    are there any plans to have In Person Meetings any time soon?
00:38:24    Erin B:    We are discussing in person meetings and we will resume those as soon as we know it is safe. We will keep you posted. We miss them too.
00:39:30    Excellent!!
00:40:01    I don't know about You All, but this covid stuff is wearing me thin!!!
00:47:17    How come there's 3 persons talking over each other
00:48:31    Ginia Desmond:    Allen, what is you current movie called?
00:55:41    Is there any movement to reinstate the Tax Incentives for us to film in Arizona?
00:56:06    Independent Film Arizona:    We are going to address film incentives
00:56:20    Tonight?
00:56:34    Independent Film Arizona:    yes
00:56:48    Yeah!!
00:58:36    Nina Shelton UA:    Do we know any info on Old Tucson and whether that will be open to film production?
01:01:14    good Question Nina.  We're close to shooting and the Old Tucson thing threw a wrench into everything.  We have made a deal with an organization in Canada.  I was looking forward to Tucson since the studio is 30 minutes from my office instead IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!
01:02:39    Nina Shelton UA:    @jceslinger Sorry to hear that. I was hoping they'd be up and running soon. I hate projects having to go to Canada because it's so much more affordable.
01:06:25    Is all of this Look at my career stuff really related  to  what we are trying to accomplish here?
01:07:21    vicst:    Hi I'm a astronomer n writer. Hello everyone. I'd like to intro myself...
01:10:36    vicst:    keep up IFA cu next time :-)
01:24:51    Peter Cortelyou:    Daryl has his hand up.
01:30:40    Mia Schnaible:
01:35:19    Genie Joseph:    I have to jump off.  Yeah IFA!!!!
01:41:45    Philip C. Sedgwick, Screenwriter:    My apologies all... I must run. Thank you for this meeting! Stay safe and well everyone!!
01:42:06    Jana Segal-Stormont:    No! (That Isn't Recyclable)
01:42:49    Jana Segal-Stormont:    ReGeneration; The Tucson Story
01:44:39    Edgar Ybarra:    Jana, loved NO! (That Isn't Recyclable)
01:45:04    Jana Segal-Stormont:    Thanks, Edgar!
01:55:58    Alan Williams:    So sorry but I have got to step out. Great meeting everyone
01:59:36    Nina Shelton UA:    It was nice to meet everyone.
02:00:01    Edgar Ybarra:    nice to meet you Nina
02:07:50    Leo Taylor:    Robert, link?
02:09:30    Jana Segal-Stormont:    Link to website?
02:09:50    Leo Taylor:    Yes.
02:13:15    Leo Taylor:    Link not here.
02:14:49    robertewaldjr:
02:15:03    robertewaldjr:
02:15:04    Erin B:    Thanks
02:16:42    Leo Taylor:    Thank you.
02:20:20    Daryl Mallett:    And we NEVER stop learning!
02:20:28    Marcia Forbes:    I love that!!
02:20:54    Jana Segal-Stormont:    Some of us like to make micro films. It's an art of it's own.
02:22:36    Daryl Mallett:    Simon Hayes
02:22:47    Anne Dalton:    Have to go!
02:23:04    Independent Film Arizona:    Yes Simon! Great guy, super funny
02:25:50    Andy Man - Tucson AZ:    fantastic - thank you
02:27:01    robertewaldjr:    Thanks. Appreciate it!
02:27:19    Daryl Mallett:    Thanks, everyone!

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